Basics of Texas Holdem

Texas Holdem poker is one of the most popular games among poker players. This game has a maximum of ten players and one dealer in the game. All the players receive two hole cards which are known to them only which forms the beginning of their hands.

These cards should be used in amalgamation with the five cards which are known as community cards. These five cards can be viewed by all the players on the poker table.

The first two rounds of the game encompass the bets to a minimum amount. All the players play in a precarious manner. The betting increases and stakes are raised in the last two rounds. This generally happens on most poker tables. The betting does not increase more than three raises in a round.

The player sitting on the left side of the dealer initiates the game. The blind is initiated by him and blinds continue in a clockwise pattern. This catalyzes the action on the poker table.

After two rounds of betting have taken place players need to decide the fate of the two hole cards which were dealt to all the players on the table. They can either fold or raise the blind and continue the game. After this 3 cards are exposed on the table by the dealer (in a casino by the computer on the internet). This is called the flop. Many players fold their cards after this round.

After the three community cards are exposed betting continues on the poker table. Post this the fourth community card or the fourth street card is exposed to all the players. Some players fold and some raise the stakes. The final round of betting on the poker table is very exciting as the last community card is visible to all the players and this also decides the fate of the game as well.

Spotting Bluffs

Bluffing in poker can be a very profitable move when you master it. How do you counter a bluff? First, you must be able to spot it! That is what we will focus on with this post to help you prepare for a move which will force the opponent to be out of hand.

Betting patterns will be one good way to tell that another player is doing a bluff. Since you cannot see your opponent when you play poker online, then you should focus on how they play their hand to see what they are up to.

Continuation Bets

Most of the time, you will notice a player who is bluffing when they make a continuation bet after pushing for a raise on preflop. When they raise pre-flop, this means that they have strong hand, maybe some high cards. If the flop reveals rags and they commit into it, then consider raising or simply calling to check if they have a plan to steal the pot. Most of the time the opponent will have an AQ or AK added to the over cards so they will just opt to fold when you raise.

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