Online Craps

Craps offers more betting options than most other casino games.  While some are attractive because of their simplicity, several more can prove to be very disadvantageous to the player, as is the case with the field bet.  This particular bet appeals to players for two main reasons.

First and foremost, unlike other wagers, this one can be made before the come bet, or after the point has been established.  Secondly, the bet is decided by a single roll of the dice.  After playing your bet, the dice are tossed and you either win or lose.  Despite the simplicity, this can be a very tricky bet, so it is important understand how it works before choosing to take it up in a game of craps.

Making a Field Bet

When playing craps online, the chips for the field bet are placed in an area on the table layout known as the “field box.”  You will notice that the box has the numbers 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, and 12 on it, with “2” and “12” being circled.  These numbers are circled because some casinos payout 3 to 1 on the 2 or 12.  If you place a field bet and the dice yields any number listed in the box, you win.  If not, you lose.  While this simple enough to follow, the bet can be very deceptive to the new player who does not clearly understand the odds.

Comprehending Your Chances

In the game of craps, the rolling of the two dice can yield 11 possible numbers.  What you need to realize is that only seven of these numbers will result in a winning field bet while four of them will produce a losing bet.  To the unknowing player, the chance of winning the bet is much greater than losing it.  However, you have to consider the many possible ways in which each number can be rolled.  5,6,7 and 8, which are the four losing numbers, can be rolled in 20 different ways, while the winning numbers can only be rolled in 16 ways.   So what does all this mean to the player?  It means that by taking the field bet, you are giving the house a significant edge of 5.55%.  In comparison to other wagers in online craps that have a considerably lower house edge, this would not be the smartest move for the savvy player to make.

Getting the Best Odds

Any player who wants to play craps online and gamble with the field bet should only do so at casinos that payout 3 to 1 for rolling a 2 or 12.  While this house edge is still much higher than other bets, it does drop down to 2.7%, giving you more of an advantage against the casino.  If you are intent on playing the field, this is the best way to do go as it can be acceptable for occasional bets at smaller amounts.

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