The Road to Quad Kings

The road to the quad king flop is paved with good intentions, fraught with pitfalls, and prone to chip stealing ambushes.  Unless you have the best luck in the world, you cannot, as a novice player, expect to go right into your first games and suddenly flop quad kings.  It ain’t happening.  You have to work to get there.  It is not just essential but practically mandatory that you know some basic poker strategy.

For example, before you even consider trying to go for this play, you have to consider a number of things, such as the amount of players in the current game.  Some Texas Hold Em games have as many as ten players.  Needless to say, that is an occasion when you cannot lay good odds to pulling through with a hand like this.  It just isnt likely to happen.   To many people could have good hands and it is too difficult to calculate which cards may be left in the deck versus which are going into the flop.

Once you have considered factors such as the amount of players playing in your game and things of that nature, you have got to put things in perspective.  Flopping quad kings typically means calculating the odds realistically.  Quite often, this is definitely one case where you want to err on the side of pessimism because there is so much room for error here and for failure.

Think about it, honestly.  Whether you are sharing the table with nine other players or with only three, you do not know what any of those players has.  It is a sure bet that, in most hands, at least one other player has a King.  That one King can mess you up you have already failed at flopping quad kings.

Say you feel pretty sure no one else has Kings.  It is not extremely rare to get dealt two kings yourself, and it is not rare for a King to show up in the Flop, the Turn, or the River.  However, the odds are high that you will get the flop you need.  Quad Kings are not quite a suckers bet, but its something you dont want to work towards unless youre sure.

Flopping quads whether you are looking to flop kings, queens, jacks, tens, or even twos is never a sure thing.  That bears repeating and an enormous amount of emphasis: flopping quad kings is never a sure thing.

There are poker players out there, those who play both online and offline in bricks casinos, who make it look like the easiest thing in the world.  Phil Ivey comes to mind there but if you ever get the chance to ask him, even he will tell you that it is never, ever an absolute certain, one hundred percent positive bet.

It might seriously burst your bubble to hear this, but quite often more often than you are likely thinking, in fact the road to flopping quad kings is paved with nothing more than luck and coincidence.  The cards you are dealt are the cards you are dealt.  You can bluff it, of course, but you have to be darn good.

Generally, you can be more optimistic if you have two kings and one turns up in the flop.  You will be able to tell, a little, from the betting rounds just how excited your competitors are, which may give you an idea if they have a king as well.

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