What is Triple Ride Poker?

Triple Ride Poker is a unique variation of the traditional five-card poker that is played at many casinos worldwide. In Triple Ride Poker the player starts the hand by placing three bets at their highest limit and decreasing those bets as the game unfolds. This reverse style of betting puts a unique spin on the game and gives players increased winning odds.

How Do You Play Triple Ride Poker?

To start a hand of Triple Ride Poker the player places three high bets on the table. The dealer then deals three cards to the player and two cards to himself face down. The cards dealt to the dealer are known as common cards and will be used to determine the player’s hand, essentially acting as part of each player’s hand.

Once all cards have been dealt the player will gauge their five card hand based off their three cards. If the player’s three cards show the beginning of a high five card hand the player will let their bet ride. If the player’s three cards do not show a high hand, they can decrease their bets.

Next, the dealer will reveal one of the two common cards. If this card helps the player’s high hand, they will let their bet ride. If the card hurts the player’s hand they can decrease their bet.

Finally, the dealer will then show the last card and the player will establish their high hand using all five cards. If the combination of the player’s three cards and the two common cards is the highest hand at the table, that player wins the round.

How Does Betting Work in Triple Ride Poker?

Betting in Triple Ride Poker works opposite of most betting in a casino. The player starts each round by placing three bets on the table. Since the player will have the chance to decrease these bets, they should bet as high as they are able initially.

Players are given three chances to lower their bets; once when the cards are dealt, and once each common card is revealed by the dealer. Players have the option to let all their bets ride or lower each according to the hand they are dealt.

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